Just You and Me, by Sam McBratney

            The rain is coming and Little Goose and Gander Goose must find a place to hide.  Along the way they meet several woodland animals who are willing to share their space.  But Little Goose wants to be alone with Gander Goose.  What will happen when the storm comes?


  •             Umbrella shape
  •             Empty plastic food containers with holes punched in them.
  •             Food coloring
  • Bag of Cotton balls
  •             Eye droppers
  •             Many white coffee filters


  •             Gosling ( a baby goose)
  •             Gander (A father goose)
  •             Ditch (a drain for water on the side of the road or path)

Before Reading the Story

            Ask the children if they have ever been outside when a storm is approaching.  How could they tell it was going to rain?  Talk about storm safety and how it is important to get indoors when they hear the thunder.  Tell the children that the story today is about a little goose and his father who must find a place to get out of the storm.

Science/Science Knowledge; expands knowledge of and abilities to observe, describe, and discuss the natural world, materials, living things, and natural processes. AND Physical Health & development/Health Status & Practices; builds awareness and ability to follow basic health and safety rules such as fire safety, traffic and pedestrian safety, and responding appropriately to potentially harmful objects, substances, and activities.

Reading the Story

            When Little Goosey tells Gander Goose that he wants to be alone, just you and me, ask the children why they think that is?  Each time you get to the line “Just you and me” have the children repeat it with you.

Approaches to Learning/reasoning & Problem Solving; grows in recognizing and solving problems through active exploration, including trial and error, and interactions and discussions with peers and adults. AND Literacy/Book Knowledge & Appreciation; shows growing interest and involvement in listening to and discussing a variety of fiction and non-fiction, and poetry.

After Reading the Story

            Ask the children if they were out in the woods where they would go to get out of a storm?  Pretend to be forest animals (ask the children what kind of animal they want to be) and all go and look for places in the room to hide (under the tables).   When the storm is over come back to the carpet area.

Creative Arts/ Dramatic PLay; shows growing creativity and imagination in using materials and in assuming different roles in dramatic play situations.


Fill a bowl up with colored water. Have the children drop a cotton ball into the water. What happens? Tell them that clouds soak up the water from lakes and river. Ask the child to squeeze the water out of the cotton ball back into the bowl. Explain that when a cloud gets too heavy with water, then it makes rain (or snow). Let the children experiment making rain clouds and then squeezing them to produce rain. Challenge the children to pick up the cotton balls using tongs or tweezers to work their fine motor muscles.

Science/Scientific Skills & Methods; begins to participate in simple investigations to test observations, discuss and draw conclusions, and form generalizations.


Music and Movement

            Sing Rain, Rain, Go Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twabSyJmppI

Rain, rain go away

Come again another day

We want to go out and play.

Creative Arts/Music; participates with increasing interest and enjoyment in a variety of music activities, including listening, singing, finger plays, games and performances.

            Make a rain storm with the children

 Drip, drop, drip, drop…rain,rain,rain          Tap fingers on legs

 Pitter,patter,pitter,patter…rain,rain,rain        Tap hands on legs

 Downpour, downpour…rain,rain,rain        Slap hands on legs

  Thunder,thunder…rain,rain,rain                 Clap hands together

  Downpour, downpour…rain,rain,rain        Slap hands on legs

Pitter patter, pitter patter…rain,rain,rain       Tap hands on legs

 Drip drop, drip drop…rain, rain, rain          Tap fingers on legs

 Out comes the sun…ah,ah,ah                     Hands over head in circle, smile

Creative Arts/Music; participates with increasing interest and enjoyment in a variety of music activities, including listening, singing, finger plays, games and performances.


            ASk the children if they can make a shelter from the rain for the play people or animals?  Make sure you add a sturdy roof.

Approaches to Learning/Initiative & Curiosity; approaches tasks and activities with increased flexibility, imagination, and inventiveness.


            Give the children umbrella shapes to decorate.  After it is dry, glue it to a piece of paper and have the children draw a self portrait under the umbrella.  Write their rain poem underneath (see Library and Writing).

Creative Arts/ Art; progresses in abilities to create drawings, paintings, models, and other art creations that are more detailed, creative, or realistic. AND Physical Health & Development/Fine Motor Skills; progresses in abilities to use writing, drawing , and art tools, including pencils, markers, chalk,paint brushes, and various types of technology.

Sand and Water

            Use a nail to make holes into empty plastic food containers.  Put a few holes in some and many in others.  The children can fill them up with water and make rain.

Science/Scientific Skills & Methods; develops increased ability to observe and discuss common properties, differences and comparisons among objects and materials.

Library and Writing

            Recite to the children the poem Rain.

Rain on the roof tops,

And rain on the trees.

Rain on the green grass,

But not on me!

            Have the children write their own version by changing the bolded words to their own. (Rain on the cat, rain on my Dad, rain on the car, but not on me!)

Literacy/Early Writing; begins to represent stories and experiences through pictures, dictation, and in play.

Dramatic Play

            Put slickers and boots into the center so the children can play rainy day. Remind them again about being safe during a thunderstorm.

Science/Scientific Knowledge; expand knowledge of and respect for their bodies and the environment.

Math and Manipulatives

            Make a class collage.  Make a large rainbow on a piece of poster board with crayons.  Give the children long pieces of paper (1inch by 10 inches) in colors that correspond to your rainbow.  Have the children make snips with the paper and then glue the snips onto the rainbow.  Practice “Not a lot, just a drop” as they glue the paper snips to the rainbow.

Mathematics/Geometry & Spatial Sense; shows growth in matching, sorting, putting in a series, and regrouping objects according to one or two attributes such as color, shape, or size. AND Physical Health & development/Fine Motor Skills; develops growing strength, dexterity, snd control needed to use tools such as scissors, paper punch, stapler, and hammer.

Outdoor Play

            Let the children dig a hole and add water.  Mud play after a rain!

Science/Scientific Skills & Methods; begins to use senses and a variety of tools and simple measuring devices to gather information, investigate materials, and observe processes and relationships.


Encourage the children to waddle like a goose as they go to the next activity.

Creative Arts/ Dramatic PLay; shows growing creativity and imagination in using materials and in assuming different roles in dramatic play situations.


About Kerry CI am an Early Childhood Educator who has seen daily the value of shared book readings with my preschoolers. I use the book theme in my centers and can daily touch upon a variety of Early Childhood Domains which makes assessing the children easy and individualized.