If you are here then you are looking to build thematic units to use in your preschool classroom. You want to present materials in ways that nurture the children’s learning and to make sure that there is some challenge in all the centers of your classroom. Trust me, I know the time that goes into making a lesson plan! There are the curriculums where you are responsible for presenting ALL the materials and ideas and then there are the cookie cutter curriculums that leave you little creativity or the ability to follow the children’s interests. I hope that the information that is shared on this website is helpful to you in putting together a daily and weekly plan.

As the title implies, this website is built around books. It shares ideas that you can use in your classroom around books. You can group books together by themes or you can use them independently. You can use some of the center ideas or all of them with each book. I hope that this site helps you as a teacher to free up more of your time so that you can spend it with the children instead of paperwork.