Music experiences in preschool show to have many benefits.  Music is good for math skills.  Music is made up of patterns when children clap and move to the beat. Studies are showing that music lights up the part of the brain that associates with spatial sense.  Music helps children develop listening and memory skills.  Singing becomes a group experience that teaches children about cooperation and turn taking.  Music introduces rhyming and matching sounds. Music helps children develop the rhythm of language and vocabulary.  When concepts are put to music, it has been shown that recall and memory are heightened.  And musical instruments help with coordination and dexterity of fine motor skills.  And lastly, music is fun.  Singing is fun.

I have always been told I do not have a very good singing voice.  Fortunately, children do not care and the benefits from musical experiences only add positively to children’s over all development.  If you are like me, I always felt uncomfortable singing in front of other adults.  I found that if I kept my back to the door, I would not be aware of an adult in the hall.  This allowed me to be more enthusiastic while singing and the children following suit.