The Head Start Domains

I have included the Head Start Domains below so you can see from where I selected the elements and indicators that go along with the stories on my book list. First I found the appropriate Domain and then looked closer to see which Domain Element best fit the activity. From there I chose the indicator that seemed the best fit for an overall learning objective. The purpose of this is to help all teachers to be intentional in their teaching.

Here is an example from Mouse Paint, by J. Walsh. Each time the story names a color, point to it. On the pages where the mice are mixing two colors, ask the children if they can guess what color the mouse is mixing. As you read, encourage the children to use their hands to help mix and stir the paint. Science/Scientific Knowledge; shows increased awareness and beginning understanding of changes in materials and cause-effect.

The Head Start Domains are part of the Head Start Framework for Positive Child Outcomes 2003.