Creative Arts Domain

The Creative Arts are not only fun for children but are very beneficial for their overall development.  Children who have the opportunity to have many creative experiences have shown to be more innovative as adults and able to better think outside the box. 

Creative children tend to be more open to try new ideas and experiences.   Creative children tend to be more adventuresome and imaginative.   Studies show that early creative arts exposure has a positive influence on a child’s educational outcomes.

Watch a group of preschoolers involved in the Arts.  It is about being involved in the present moment.  We as educators need to make sure that we do not inhibit a child’s creative expression by expecting a product.  Creative Art is a process with no right or wrong results.  It is through creative arts that children learn problem-solving skills, negotiation, and collaboration skills.  These skills are highly valued in the adult workforce. 

The Creative Arts help turn a child’s imagination into something real that can be shared with others.  Children can communicate through the Arts non-verbally making it an emotionally safe learning environment for English Language Learners. 

And by incorporating many experiences with the Creative Arts, you will see that they carry over into all the other domains of early childhood expectations.